International Space Station

14 January - 27 March 2021

For the first exhibition of our 2021 programme, Edel Assanti is pleased to present International Space Station, bringing together work by twelve artists, three of whom – Lonnie Holley, Anna Perach and Vinca Petersen – will be exhibiting with the gallery for the first time over the course of the year.

International Space Station addresses the belief systems that bind together social groups or entire societies, reflecting on the persuasive power that collective narratives hold over individuals. The works in the exhibition navigate a series of contexts, contemplating the fragility of the mythologies around which group identities coalesce: competing historical narratives, spiritual and metaphysical ontologies, the experience of subcultural universes and ritualised collective behaviour.

The construction of history and group identity is a shared area of inquiry amongst many of the artists in Edel Assanti’s programme. In eleven years this will be our first exhibition endeavouring to pool this research, exploring the relationship between societal factionalism or polarisation and the evolving nature of the beliefs and practices that demarcate social groups.




Following International Space Station, Lonnie Holley’s first solo exhibition with Edel Assanti will open in April 2021. Alongside our existing programme we are also excited to launch a series of solo projects in our newly adapted 5x5 metre space on the lower ground floor, which will include presentations by Anna Perach and Vinca Petersen.