Yoshinori Niwa at the Minatomachi Art Table (MAT), Nagoya, Japan

Solo Exhibition 'Selling the Rights to Name a Pile of Garbage' from 15 January to 20 February

13 February 2016 Yoshinori Niwa's solo exhibition Against Name is currently at the Minatomachi Art Table (MAT), Nagoya, Japan. 


Following Niwa's 2014 project, Selling the Rights to Name a Pile of Garbage, which was originally staged in the Philippines, Against Name continues to explore the complexities and curiosities of 'naming' as a social function.

Niwa's first solo exhibition of 2016, Power of Ownership, recently closed at 1335MABINI in the Philippines. The performances in this exhibition addressed the function of language in the ownership of objects. 
Niwa is also one of four artists in the group exhibition Our Beloved World at the Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan. Niwa's 2013 performance Celebrating Karl Marx’s Birthday with the Japanese Communist Party is included in the show which takes a sincere look at points of tension within our world and the gestures offered by artists to urge us toward change.
EXHIBITIONS | Winter 2016
Our Beloved World, 20th MIMOCA, Marugame, Japan: December 2015 - 27th March 2016
Against Name MAT, Nagoya, Japan: 15th January - 20th February 2016
Power of Ownership 1335MABINI, Manila, The Philippines: 9th January - 5th February
13 February 2016
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