'Ad Minoliti: Playtime' review in The Guardian

'This week's new exhibitions: Ad Minoliti, London' by Oliver Basciano

Changing notions of what it is to be human – and, specifically, what it is to have a gendered or non-gendered body in the digital age – is the subject of this young Buenos Aires-based painter’s work. Many of the pieces in her first UK show stem from her Queer Deco series. Here, the settings are often the kind of suburban Californian homes that featured in early advertising. The architecture evokes the nuclear family – hard-working husband and demure wife, two healthy smiling Wasp kids – yet where these figures might stand, Minoliti instead paints abstract angular forms. These alien elements seem to signal the destabilisation of heteronormative society and, in their bright, colourful patterns, celebrate the far more complicated, fluid identities that have replaced it. In keeping with an artist who was instrumental in forming PintorAs, an Argentinian feminist collective, Minoliti will intermingle other artists’ work with her own.


24 March 2016
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