Yoshinori Niwa in 'WOW - War of Worlds' organised by MORA Art Centre, Bucharest, Romania

Group exhibition now at the National Museum of Art Costanta, Romani, from 30 October 2017

Yoshinori Niwa is included in the group exhibtion 'WOW - War of Worlds' currently on view at the National Museum of Art Costanta, Romania. 


The project organised by MORA Art Centre is part of the 'What's the matter?' programme and parallels the Bucharest Biennale 8. 'WOW - War of Worlds'. It will travel throughout Romania from the MORA Art Centre, to the National Museum Costanta and ending at the Visual Kontakt in Cluj-Napoca in April 2018.


WOW - War of Worlds Exhibition Dates | Winter 2017 - Spring 2018

MORA Art Centre, Bucharest, Romania: 14 September - 30 October 2017

National Museum Art Costanta, Bucharest, Romania: 30 October - 30 November 2017

Visual Kontakt, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: 23 March - 13 April 2018




Niwa's second solo exhibition in the UK 'That Language Sounds Like a Language' opens at Edel Assanti on November 10th and will run through 21 December 21 2017.

14 September 2017