5 x Solo - Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, København, Denmark

Nicolai Howalt, Jette Gejl/Bjorn Godwin, Mette Gitz-Johansen, Eva Koch, Michael Mørk

This exhibition consists of five separate solo exhibitions which is a novel use of the building's space. The audience will get a chance to become acquainted with five very different artists and their works, encompassing photographs and film, to architectural installations and land art. The five artists each present their unique creations forming a five-dimensional exhibition space.


Nicolai Howalt embarks on an investigation of both the symbolic significance and healing properties of light in Light Break, founding his examination on theories of light therapy developed by nobel laureate Niels Finsen. In his photographs, Howalt attempts to capture the colour and texture of ultraviolet light - a near impossible task, as the UV rays are invisible to the naked human eye.


In 15m3 Danish artist Jette Gejl and her Australian counterpart Bjorn Godwin, have had over 20 ton of rustic red Australian sand delivered from the Australian outback to Copenhagen Denmark. Residing at the opposite ends of the globe, and with different cultural backgrounds, the development of this piece is intended as a comment on the role of art in the debates on climate issues, among other things.


Working her way across various media, such as drawing and video projection,Mette Gitz-Johansen attempts to decode the foreign and tacit in cultural traditions with her exhibition Observing Pink. The exhibition draws upon her travels to Japan, and observations made during the enchanting time when the cherry trees blossom.

Eva Koch's IFITRY waiting examines the act of waiting, and the unexpected actions we perform while waiting. The video was created in collaboration with on-scene colleagues during her artist residency in Morocco a year ago, and is Koch's first venture into a 3D film medium.


With a kitchen unit as both leitmotif and a bearing element, displayed in various sculpturally inspired setups and positions, Michael Mørk wishes to redefine the kitchen unit in his exhibition Blokland, and highlight it as an isolated and dismantled phenomenon, removed from its original function.

2 March 2013