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'Dealers' Diary' - Anna Brady asks Charlie Fellowes and Jeremy Epstein 10 Questions.


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Jeremy Epstein and Charlie Fellowes Edel Assanti, contemporary art gallery, Victoria.


1. How long have you been dealing?

The gallery has existed since 2009 and we have been in the business since our early twenties.


2. Do you do any fairs?

We did Artissima in Turin and Unseen in Amsterdam last year. We're returning to Unseen this year.


3. What was your first job?

Jeremy: Gallery educator at Tate Modern. Charlie: Gallery assistant Abbott and Holder.


4. Best and worst thing about being a dealer?

Best, getting to provide artists with the opportunity to share their vision with the public. Worst, accounting.


5. What has been your favourite buy?

We both own Ghanaian coffins by Pa Joe which we acquired from our old friend Jack Bell.


6. What is your dream object?

Jeremy: My Fender Stratocaster. Charlie: A vintage Avedon print of one of the drifters from the American West.


7. What is the biggest threat, in your opinion, to the trade at the moment?

Over saturation.


8. Guiltiest pleasure?

New Balance trainers.


9. Any advice for those starting out in the trade? Take advantage of the many open social entry points into the art world to meet as many people and learn as much about the different aspects of the trade as possible. And find a good mentor.


10. Alternative career?

We would probably have been superstar DJs.

9 November 2013