Marcin Dudek at DADA: Dallas Art Dealers Association

'More Dallas Art Fair 2015' by Bill Davenport

14 April 2015 This year’s fair was fenced off by Marcin Dudek’s Border in Motion. It wasn’t too hard to get through. I was told that on opening night, the artist was tearing pieces of foam off this wall and giving them away as souvenirs (Berlin=Juarez/El Paso, get it?). Two fragments were on the wall outside Edel Assanti Gallery, and were some of my favorite pieces; undercutting the financial machinery of the artworld is always fun, but especially at an art fair: nowhere else can you make as pointed a statement about commodification, while still being so wretchedly complicit. I didn’t ask if they were for sale, or if anyone minded that they could have had one free on Thursday night, or, for that matter, that they could make one themselves whenever the fancy took them. (If  making one yourself is too much trouble, knockoffs of these wonderful objects will be available for $26 through Bill’s Junk, Houston almost immediately. No need to pre-order,  the edition is unlimited.)

14 April 2015
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