Home Fires 02: Victoria Lomasko

14 September 2020

Home Fires is a series of short conversations between Edel Assanti's artistic director Jeremy Epstein and gallery artists, discussing a recent or ongoing body of work. The conversations address inspiration, research and studio process, whilst framing individual works within a broader context of each artist's practice. In the conversation, Victoria Lomasko discusses her largest mural to date, Under Water, 2020 - commissioned by Kunsthalle Wien for their current exhibition ...of bread, wine, cars, security and peace, curated by What, How & For Whom. 


Under Water processes the artist's experience of returning home to Moscow after travelling across the United States. Employing Lomasko's graphic realist style, the 11 metre wide mural unfolds like a dream-sequence, juxtaposing western and eastern iconography: on the right, the New York city skyline and Damien Hirst's shark and at left, Moscow's industrial architecture looming above Malevich's black square.