Home Fires 10: Dale Lewis and Daniel Culpan

21 - 28 August 2020


In this episode of Home Fires, Dale Lewis discusses his painting Black Jack (2020) with writer and critic Daniel Culpan. Compositionally inspired by Agostino Dei Musi’s Allegory of Death and Fame (1518), Black Jack depicts the fatal stabbing of a young Romanian man that occurred in Stratford in 2018. The charged painting reflects on the vulnerability of youth, whilst addressing the cultural influence of toxic masculinity over young men in their formative years. 

  • Black Jack, 2020 Oil and acrylic on canvas 200 x 375 cm 78 3/4 x 147 5/8 in.
    Black Jack, 2020
    Oil and acrylic on canvas
    200 x 375 cm
    78 3/4 x 147 5/8 in.
  • In the studio

  • Dale Lewis completed a BA in Fine Art at London Guildhall in 2002, an MFA at Brighton in 2006 and graduated the Turps Studio Programme in 2015. Lewis' solo exhibition The Great Day is currently open at Edel Assanti, consisting of the artist's largest work to date, a 33 metre painting stretching across the gallery's perimeter. In autumn 2020 Lewis will have a solo exhibition at Block336, London, and his work will be included in an upcoming exhibition at the Schlossmuseum, Linz. Lewis was the recipient of the 2016 Jerwood Painting Fellowship, and completed the Zabludowicz Residency in New York City in 2017 and the Arsenal Residency in Montreal in 2018. Lewis’ work features in international collections including the David Roberts Art Foundation, Zabludowicz Collection and the Arsenal. Lewis lives and works in London.

  • "I identify with everyone I put into the painting, whether it's someone I know personally very well - like a family member, or a lover or a friend - or whether it's a complete stranger. I try and treat them all with the same kind of approach, or trepidation or tenderness."


    - Dale Lewis