Petr Davydtchenko

17 March - 22 April 2015

Bochka, Bass, kolbasit solo
Kolbaser po pojas golij…
Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser
Golij, Golij, Kolbaser…
A mne mama govorila, kolbaseri eto sila

Hard Bass is power - it makes you want to move. It is better than any workout you can imagine. It is fun, raw and fast. Hard Bass is 150bpm, no less. It's about taking up space and claiming territory in a hostile but non-violent way. It's a way of expression. Hard Bass lyrics usually reject the use of alcohol and drugs. The most famous track by BG Crew, however, refers to the numeric code "1488", which can be deciphered using white supremacy decryption:

14 = The 14 words

'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children'

88 = H is the 8th letter of the alphabet
ergo 88 = HH = Heil Hitler

We bring Hard Bass to your Home 1488