Dale Lewis at Schlossmuseum

Group exhibition 'Friends, and Friends of Friends' from 30 September 2020 to 06 January 2021

29 September 2020 Two works by Dale Lewis are featured in the group exhibition Friends, and Friends of Friends: Artistic communities in the age of social media at the the Schlossmuseum in Linz, Austria.


Dale Lewis, Family Fortunes, 2018


The exhibition "Friends and Friends of Friends" highlights the potential of a globally connected world through the example of a community of young artists, who advance artistic and social debates both online and offline. While social media are used by reactionaries to weaken democracy, young artists use platforms like Instagram to make the art world more democratic.  


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Featured artists include: Gina Beavers, Daniel Boccato, Shawanda Corbett, Nick Doyle, Oli Epp, Al Freeman, Dominique Fung, Roxanne Jackson, Cheyenne Julien, Austin Lee, Kris Lemsalu, Dale Lewis, Brandon Lipchik, Rene Matić, Jebila Okongwu, Harrison Pearce, Peter Schuyff, Devan Shimoyama, Sarah Slappey, Ben Spiers. 

29 September 2020
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