Dale Lewis


The Great Day, installation view, Edel Assanti, London, UK, 2020

Artist Info

Dale Lewis’ paintings depict the artist’s personal experiences, painted from memory. Reflecting on the realities of contemporary urban life, he focuses on subjects drawn from his immediate surroundings. Lewis’ paintings inherit the scale, compositional and narrative structures of canonical art historical painting – renaissance and religious scenes in particular – with devices of metamorphosis, transcendence, spirituality and sexuality serving as mainstays. These traditions are as much inverted as they are co-opted to suit Lewis’ ends: whilst monumental scale was conventionally reserved for fittingly worthy themes, Lewis focuses on what he observes around him: social immobility, consumerist excess, binge drinking culture, gang violence, bad diet, class divides, family life and 9-5 jobs. Dale Lewis (b. 1980) completed a BA in Fine Art at London Guildhall in 2002, an MFA at Brighton in 2006 and graduated the Turps Studio Programme in 2015.



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Dale Lewis in conversation with Eliel Jones.

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Home Fires 03: Dale Lewis speaks with Edel Assanti's artistic director Jeremy Epstein about his 35 metre panoramic project 'The Great Day', 2020.

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Dale Lewis and writer Daniel Culpan walkthrough his epic work 'The Great Day', 2020.

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